A message from the head of the department

The Dept. of Information Systems at the University of Haifa offers a versatile technology-oriented program for undergraduate and graduate studies. The high quality of studies and research and the good atmosphere are attracting new students and faculty members.

Our faculty includes eight faculty members, who studied at the best universities around the world. Our faculty members teach and research a variety of topics, including information systems analysis, enterprise modeling, decision-support systems, software engineering, human aspects of software engineering, requirements engineering, machine learning, business intelligence, privacy and ethics of information systems, and biomedical informatics.

Our undergraduate program started in 2002 and offers a 3-year program of single- and double-major studies. The programs combine major IT topics (such as analysis, design and implementation of information systems, and database systems) with mathematical/programming courses, information systems elective courses (e.g., information retrieval, decision-support systems, business intelligence, human aspects of software engineering), and organizational topics (e.g., economics, accounting, and marketing). The aim of the program is to train people who would analyze, design, and develop information systems for organizations. The studies include hands-on experience in analyzing work processes at real organizations and development of information systems according to customers; needs.

Our graduates hold positions at the high-tech and other industries and perform the roles of requirements engineers, information system analysts, business intelligence system developers, IT project managers, developers of ERP modules, marketing of information systems, quality assurance, etc. Some of our graduates continue to graduate studies in Israel or abroad.

Our Master's program opened in 2009 and offers mainly a research track. Our PhD program opened in 2013. Our graduate students at the Master's or PhD level perform research and write theses under close supervision of our department members.


Dept. Head: Prof. Pnina Sofer