Academic Staff

Prof. Ofer Arazy
Chair of Departmental M.Sc ProgramProf. Ofer Arazy
Research Areas: Virtual communities, online collaboration, knowledge management, augmented reality.
Dr. Anna Zamansky
Social networks supervisorDr. Anna Zamansky
Research Areas: Software engineering, knowledge representation, requirements engineering, animal-computer interaction, computational behavior analysis, logic and formal methods.
Dr. Judith Somekh
Dr. Judith Somekh
Research Areas: Data science methods in the medical domain, Biomedical Informatics, data-driven noise correction methods, genomic data analysis, modeling and simulation of biological systems, integration of data driven and model driven methods in the medical domain.
Prof. Tsvi Kuflik
Chair of Departmental B.Sc. One Major CommitteeProf. Tsvi Kuflik
Research Areas: Intelligent User Interfaces, User Modeling, Ubiquitous Computing, Text Mining, Recommender Systems, Application of novel ICT to Cultural Heritage Sites, Algorithmic Transparency.
Prof. Ilan Shimshoni
Departmental M.Sc. CommitteeProf. Ilan Shimshoni
Research Areas: Computer Vision, Machine Learning.
Dr. Irit Hadar
Chair of Departmental PhD ProgramDr. Irit Hadar
Research Areas: Cognitive aspects of software development, requirements engineering, software design and architecture, informational privacy and security.
Dr. Joel Lanir
SabbaticalDr. Joel Lanir
Research Areas: Human computer interaction, Information visualization.
Prof. Pnina Soffer
Chair of Departmental B.Sc. One Major CommitteeProf. Pnina Soffer
Research Areas: Business process management systems, multi-perspective process modeling and analysis, process mining.
Dr. Iris Reinhartz-Berger
Head of Information System DepartmentDr. Iris Reinhartz-Berger
Research Areas: Software engineering, domain analysis, variability management, development processes of software and information systems.
Dr. Alan Hartman
Departmental seminar coordinatorDr. Alan Hartman
Research Areas: Design and Engineering of Service Systems, Software and Hardware testing, Project Management, Co-creation processes, Software and Systems Modelling, Software Engineering.
Dr. Einat Minkov
SabbaticalDr. Einat Minkov
Research Areas: Text mining, Natural language processing, Semantics, Social media, Recommender
Prof. Mor Peleg
Chair of Departmental B.Sc. Committee Double Major, Chair of the Undergraduate Data Science ProgramProf. Mor Peleg
Research Areas: Medical informatics, data and knowledge integration, knowledge representation and ontologies, decision-support systems, modeling biological and clinical processes.
Dr. Tomer Sagi
Industry relationships coordinator, Undergraduate projects' coordinatorDr. Tomer Sagi
Research Areas: Data Integration, Knowledge Extraction, Data Cleansing, Schema Matching, Entity Resolution, Data Fusion, Knowledge Graphs.