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    Yasmin Felberbaum

    YasminFelberbaumYasmin Felberbaum, PhD Candidate, Human-Computer Interaction.
    I am highly interested at the topics of designing technologies for older adults, interaction with technology using gestures, voice interaction, behavioral design, mobile health technologies.


    PhD Research: Enhancing Physical Activity of Walking among Older Adults

    Advisors: Dr. Joel Lanir and Prof. Tamar (Parice) Weiss

    Older adults experience a decrease in physical ability which may lead to poor quality of life. Therefore, it is very important for older adults to maintain their physical skills by performing physical activity. Older adults are a very diverse population in their ageing process based on their life experiences, socio-economic state, biological and personal factors, psychological and emotional state. For this reason, physical activity should be personalized and address individual capabilities and skills. In addition, there is major importance to performing physical activity outside home. In our research, we will suggest a new tool aiming to provide new dimensions of adaptation and monitoring of each person on his/her performance, set personalized physical activity and goal settings by allowing the person to choose various properties of the route through route planning (e.g., prevent walking up inclines), and provide an added value of doing physical activity outside the home. By doing so, we will gain knowledge about developing mobile technologies that enhances physical activity, specifically walking, among older adults.

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