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    Avital Shulner Tal

    AvitalShulnerAvital Shulner Tal is a PhD student in the Department of Information Systems at the University of Haifa under the supervision of Prof. Zvika Kuflik. She has a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management with a specialization in information systems from the ORT Braude Academic College in Carmiel and a master's degree in information systems from the University of Haifa. 

    Avital's main area of research is related to transparency and fairness of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems. Her research is focused on understanding users' perceptions about the fairness and transparency of these systems. As part of her research, Avital conducts various experiments in order to examine the various factors that affect users' fairness and transparency perceptions and their trust in the system, from both the system side and the users side. As part of this study, Avital also investigates various explanations for algorithmic systems and their impact on the fairness and transparency perceptions of the users. Avital's research is multidisciplinary and combines many other areas such as human-computer interaction, user experiences, behavioural economies, psychology and law. In addition, Avital is part of a European research project dealing with the issue of transparency of algorithmic systems (CyCAT project).