FAMS in matlab version

About FAMS algorithm:
readme , this algorithm implemented in C++.

This code supplied with interface that provides ability to run this algorithm in matlab workspace.

fams.h, fams.cpp,
fams dll and sources (compiled with msdev 6)

run example in matlab:
[modes, p_modes, w_modes] = fams(data, 20, 15, 200, '5Ddata','res/','-h',10);

It receives matrix in the first input parameter,
and all others inputs parameters: in the same way as it passes in original version.

It returns output matrices directly to matlab (instead writing them to files).
The "pilot" data are written to files.

There are some examples:
test_1D_mfams2: code, results
test_1D_mfams: code, results
test_2D_mfams: code, results
test_5D_mfams2: code, results
test_5D_mfams: code, results

curvature k2 map of scene05: results
curvatures (k1, k2) map of scene05: results