Current Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students.

  • Igor Kviatkovsky (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin).
  • Lior Talker (co-supervised by Yael Moses).
  • Moayad Mokatren (co-supervised by Tsvi Kuflik).

M.Sc. Students.

  • Alex Kriemer (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin).
  • Salih Abu Shahin.
  • Tal Hakim.
  • Roy Abitbol (co-supervised by Jonathan Ben-Dov).
  • Niv Derech (co-supervised by Ayellet Tal).
  • Jenny Lerner.

Former Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

  • Amit Adam. "Active Navigation" (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 2001.
  • Liran Goshen. "Accurate and Robust Epipolar Geometry Estimation" (co-supervised by Daniel Keren Haifa University), 2006.
  • Stas Rozenfeld "Improving model estimation via statistical tools in computer vision" (co-supervised by Michael Lindenbaum), 2011.
  • Michael Kolomenkin "Shape Analysis with Applications to Archaeology" (co-supervised by Ayellet Tal), 2013.
  • Loai AbedAllah "Unsupervised Distances over Complete and Incomplete Datasets and Their Applications", 2014.
  • Meir Cohen "Observing the Observers, Social Context Analysis using Computer Vision" (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 2015.
  • Maria Kushnir "Methods to Achieve Better Result for Epipolar Geometry Estimation", 2016.
  • Murad Badarna "Toward Automatic Classi cation of the Cognitive Mental Classes Using Handwriting Analysis: Challenges and
    Applications", 2018.

M.Sc. Students

  • Guy Froimovich. "Object Classification by Functional Parts" (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 1999.
  • Gideon Moiza. "Image Based Animation of Facial Expressions" (co-supervised by Ayellet Tal), 2000.
  • Moshe Klausner. "Post-Link Code Optimization Based on a True Disassembler" (co-supervised by David Bernstein IBM), 2001.
  • Eyal Hameiri. "Recognizing Objects in 3-D Scenes by Matching Curvature Maps" (co-supervised by Michael Lindenbaum), 2001.
  • Sara Keren. "An Augmented Reality System for Uncalibrated Images" (co-supervised by Ayellet Tal), 2001.
  • Aviva Sassporta. "Object Recognition Using Point Uncertainty Regions As Pose Uncertainty Regions", 2002.
  • Alexander Kaplan. "Finding Epipolar Geometry from Two Color Images" (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 2002.
  • Igal Koifman. "Distance Learning over the Internet" (co-supervised by Ayellet Tal), 2002.
  • Ariel Fligler. "Product Line Design Using a Genetic Algorithm" (co-supervised by Gila Fruchter Bar-Ilan University), 2003.
  • Irina Lavva. "Robust Methods for Geometric Primitive Recovery and Estimation from Range Images", 2006.
  • Oren Tropp. "Temporal Coherence in Collision Detection for Bounding Volume Hierarchies", (co-supervised by Ayellet Tal), 2007.
  • Zehavit Mandel. "Multi-Camera Topology Recovery from Coherent Motion", (co-supervised by Daniel Keren), 2007.
  • Michael Kolomenkin. "Image Matching unsing Photometric Information", 2007.
  • Gil Gattegno. "3D Object Recognition from 2D Images Based on Geometric Hashing (co-supervised by Michael Lindenbaum), 2008.
  • Doron Tal. "Image-Based Texture Replacement Using Multiview Images" (co-supervised by Ayellet Tal), 2008.
  • Ran Dror Kita. "Using Phyllotaxis for Date Palm Tree 3D Reconstruction from a Single Image", 2009.
  • Loai AbdAllah "Selective Sampling using a Clustering-based Distance Metric", 2009.
  • Silvina Rybnikov. "Building a Non-Euclidean Roadmap from a Small Set of Images (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 2010.
  • Igal Loevsky. "Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform for Indoor Applications", 2010. Movie
  • Nir Sharet. "Analyzing Data Changes over Time using Mean Shift Clustering", 2011. 
  • Benny Kupfer "A SIFT-Based Image Registration Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Data" (co-supervised by Nathan Netanyahu), 2013.
  • Avi Edri "Fine-grained image categorization using triplets of frames for vehicle make and model recognition" (co-supervised by Yael Moses), 2013.
  • Boris Cherevatsky "Estimating epipolar geometry for mobile robots" (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 2014.
  • Assaf Cohen "Memory Based Active Contour Algorithm using Pixel-level Classied Images for Colon Crypt Segmentation" (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 2014.
  • Danit Gilad "Color Restoration of Scanned Archaeological Artifacts with Repetitive Patterns" (co-supervised by Lihi Zelink-Manor), 2014.
  • Yehonatan Goldman "Robust Epipolar Geometry Estimation Using Noisy Pose Priors" (co-supervised by Ehud Rivlin), 2014.
  • Itay Diner "2D and 3D Data Fusion for Lip Boundary Detection" (co-supervised by Hagit Hel-Or), 2015.
  • Gabi Janchek "RTI Potography of Archaeological Finds for Characterizing their Surface Condition" (co-supervised by Ayelet Gilboa and Ravit Linn), 2015.
  • Victoria Kogan "Lane-Level Positioning with Sparse Visual Cues", 2016.
  • Moayad Mokatren "Exploring the potential of mobile eye tracker as an indoors intuitive pointing device: A case study in cultural heritage" (co-supervised by Tsvi Kuflik), 2017.
  • Magali Segal-Stolarsky "Reassembly of 3D archeological artifacts", 2018.
  • Nadav Eichler "A Novel 3D Motion Capture System using Multiple Consumer Depth Sensors" (co-supervised by Hagit Hel-Or), 2018.
  • Ido Haim Ferencz "Registration of 3D Point Clouds", 2018.