The Department & Study Programs

Information systems are comprised of software and technologies that enable the efficient and successful management of modern organizations. They constitute the central industrial infrastructure of the information society, and are present everywhere: In banks and insurance companies, in industrial companies and retail websites, in government offices, courts, and non-governmental organizations. A massive part of the activity of those organizations cannot be realized today in the absence of information systems.

The Department of Information Systems was established in 2002, offering its Bachelor degree program. The development of the department, in all academic parameters, is systematic: The M.Sc. program was opened in the year 2008, and the Ph.D. program in 2013. In parallel, the number of faculty members has been increasing, and is expected to keep increasing, as well as the rate of publications and the scope of research grants.

The department is interdisciplinary and practicable in its nature. A great emphasis is placed on industry relations, on applied research, and on collaborative research with other departments and disciplines within and outside of the University of Haifa. The curriculum reflects these emphases through the industrial nature of the undergraduate final project, in the variety of double-major coordinated programs, and through partaking in the IS:LINK international academic network of Information Systems schools, dedicated to promote worldwide student exchange and academic collaboration.