Graduate Degree (M.Sc)

The objective of studying for a graduate degree in the Department of Information Systems

The curriculum allows undergraduates in information systems or related disciplines to enrich and deepen their knowledge in the information systems area, to be exposed to advanced research in the field of information systems, and to experiment in conducting research or a project in the area of information systems. 

  • Program a - includes writing a theses (214201-16-01)
  • Program b - does not include writing a theses (214202-16-01)


Addmissions Committee for Graduate Degree

The addmissions committee for graduate degree will accept students whose backgrounds are in further disciplines. In this case, a student will be accepted for a preparatory completion program of one year, during which they will be required to take classes from the following list (according to their individual backgrounds): Introduction to Information Technologies, Introduction to Computers and Programming, Design & Implementation ff Information Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Design and Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Information System Analysis, Database Design & Management. While a student is attending the preparatory completion program, they may not take graduate degree classes. Should the prospective student earn a grade of at least 80 in the preparatory completion program, they will be entitled to apply for the graduate degree program.


Passing Requirements

  • A good academic standing is when a student passed all the classes they have taken, and has an average grade of at least 75.
  • If a student does not reach good academic standing at the end of an academic year, the graduate degree department committe will decide wether to end their studies or set additional passing terms for them.


The Curriculum

  • The mandatory classes of program a are designed to qualify a student for research, and enables them to experiment with high level scientific research for the first time. Also, the program is designed to expose the students to different occupations and research areas in the field of information systems.
  • Program b emphasizes information systems management strategies, and the student will be required to build a final project.
  • Both programs require that the students attend at least 14 yearly meetings (28 total) of the department seminar. This forum grants the students exposure to contemporary research in the field of information systems in Israel and abroad.


Duration of Studies

  • The duration of studies in program a is three years (the third year is dedicated entirely to writing the theses).
  • The duration of studies in program b is two years.