Undergraduate Degree (B.Sc)

Chairmen of the department committee for the matter of undergraduate degrees: Prof. Ilan Shimshoni (double major program), Dr. Pnina Soffer (single major program)

The objective of studying in the Department of Information Systems

The department's purpose is to qualify professionals in the field of information systems. Information systems analysts' duty is to analyze and characterize the needs of information systems in the organization, to turn them into technological solutions and to engage in execution, implementation, and management of these solutions. Information systems analysts operate in departments designated for information systems in organizations, as well as in end-user departments and as advisors.

Prerequisites and Requirements

  1. Complying with the general university prerequisites for the Department of Information Systems (Sechem).
  2. Having passed the Israeli high school final test in math as follows:
    • 5 units with an earned grade of at least 70.
    • 4 units with an earned grade of at least 80.

    An alternative to clause 2 above is having passed the national math classification test (Memi) with an earned grade of at least 90.

  3. Acceptance for a double major program requires complying with the prerequisites of both departments. A student who already has a degree in a certain field cannot be accepted to a double major program where one of the programs is in the same field as their degree.



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