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Alumni Survey 2011

An internet survey has been administered to alumni of the bachelor's degree program in the summer of 2011. The purpose of the survey has been to examine the state of our former students in a number of categories: (1) Employment, (2) Further education, (3) Feedback on our bachelor's degree program. An attempt has been made to reach as many former students as possible. 91 alumni have responded (we estimate that there are approximately 400 alumni of the department). Below is an abbreviated version of the survey's results. The full results of the survey can be found in this link.

Approximately 84% of respondents work in the field of information systems, including information systems analysis, design, implementation, programing, QA, ERP, etc. The segmentation of our alumni's positions is:


The companies in which the alumni are employed include Software companies, Military industry companies, General services companies, Companies that specialize in ERP, Telecommunication companies, Hardware Companies etc.

23 of the alumni who answered the survey are currently studying for graduate degrees or have in the past: 5 of whom for MA degree, 6 for MBA degree and 12 for M.Sc (9 of whom in the Department of Information Systems in the University of Haifa!).

The classes that our former graduates feel contributed to them most in a professional term are: Database Design & Management, Software Design and Programming, Design & Implementation of Information Systems, Information System Analysis, Internet Based Systems Development, Introduction to Computers and Programming and Management Information System Project.

The main topics pinpointed by our former students as missing partially or completely from the bachelor's degree curriculum are: advanced programming, operating systems, internet, computer classes (including hardware, compilation, file systems, complexity), telecommunications and algorithms.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the alumni who have participated in the survey and to wish our students good luck.