Welcome to the Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems provides its graduates with the technological knowledge in software engineering required for developing information systems and maintaining them, along with the organizational and economical understanding required for designing information systems and implementing them in organizations, project management and customer support.

The curriculum

Graduate degree BSc:

Approximately 300 first degree students currently attend the department of information systems in various programs. The single major program: Designed for deepening knowledge and skills in developing information systems. The double major programs: Allowing for the specialization in information systems in other fields such as economy, statistics, computer science, political science, geography etc.

The classes for first degree in the department begin in the first semester, although in special cases and under the department's acquiescence it is possible to begin studying in the second semester (in which case the students are required to complete the object oriented programming course in the summer and will be able to complete their studies three years later, in the end of that year's first semester).

Postgraduate degrees: MSc, PhD

Approximately 55 second degree students and over 10 third degree students qualified for research and management in the different areas of information systems currently attend the department of information systems.

Our graduates are employed in the best companies in the industry

  • Software companies: Amdocs, Matrix, Retalix, Check Point, IBM, Microsoft, HP
  • Military industry companies: Rafael, Elbit, Israel Defense Forces
  • Companies specializing in ERP: Medatech, Ness, SAP Labs Israel
  • Companies specializing in DB and BI: Oracle, Ness-Gilon, Datamine
  • Telecommunication companies: Netvision, Orange, Bezeq
  • Hardware companies: Intel, CompuLab
  • Financial services firms: Etgar, Bituch Yashir, Segmarketing
  • And also companies specializing in infrastructure, education organizations, companies in the medical field, companies specializing in software testing, and manufacturing companies.