Research Fellow

Dr. Amnon Shabo

Dr. Amnon Shabo (Shvo) specializes in health informatics and worked at IBM Research Lab in Haifa in years 2000-2014. He co-founded and chaired the Medical Informatics Community in IBM Research and headed the IBM worldwide program on healthcare & life Sciences standards.

Amnon established and chairs two professional working groups:
(1) the IMIA Working Group on Health Record Banking and
(2) the EFMI Working Group on Translational Health Informatics. 

Amnon has been leading key standardization activities: he established and co-chairs the HL7 Clinical Genomics Work Group and is a co-editor of the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), Continuity of Care Document (CCD), the Family Health History (Pedigree) and the Genetic Testing Report (GTR) standards. Amnon specializes in longitudinal and cross-institutional Electronic Health Records and is a pioneer of the Independent Health Record Banks vision.