Research Fellows

Dr. Amnon Shabo

Dr. Amnon Shabo (Shvo) specializes in health informatics and worked at IBM Research Lab in Haifa in years 2000-2014. He co-founded and chaired the Medical Informatics Community in IBM Research and headed the IBM worldwide program on healthcare & life Sciences standards.

Amnon established and chairs two professional working groups:
(1) the IMIA Working Group on Health Record Banking and
(2) the EFMI Working Group on Translational Health Informatics. 

Amnon has been leading key standardization activities: he established and co-chairs the HL7 Clinical Genomics Work Group and is a co-editor of the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), Continuity of Care Document (CCD), the Family Health History (Pedigree) and the Genetic Testing Report (GTR) standards. Amnon specializes in longitudinal and cross-institutional Electronic Health Records and is a pioneer of the Independent Health Record Banks vision.

Dr. Yiftach Nagar

Dr. Yiftach Nagar is an information technology expert who specializes in collective intelligence, open innovation and the study and design of sociotechnical systems in organizations.
His main research interest in in developing and understanding new ways of organizing the work of experts, crowds, and algorithms, for solving complex problems.
Yiftach's experience with information systems spans more than 20 years in industry and academia. Most recently, he has been a member of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, and of the MIT Climate CoLab.
Earlier, he served in R&D, project management and product management roles in startup companies and in one NASDAQ-traded company, and led the development of projects and products that were deployed by dozens of companies, including some of the world's leading telecom service providers. He's also served as a consultant to a number of companies and entrepreneurs.
Yiftach holds a PhD and an M.Sc. from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.